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Chiropractic treatment does not replace traditional veterinary medicine; however, it can provide treatment options for spinal problems as well as biomechanical related musculoskeletal disorders.

Olivia Jones - Kent & Sussex Chiropractic - Canine

Olivia Jones - Kent & Sussex Chiropractic - Canine

How to recognise back problems ?

Dog handlers, trainers or owners can look for signs of spinal problems in their pets.
Inspecting the spine before purchasing is just as important as inspecting the legs.
Your own observations in your dog

Consider your dogs recent performance and demeanour:

Has your dog’s behaviour or performance changed recently?
Does unusual or fluctuating lameness exist?
Is the dog reluctant to move?
Has the handler or trainer noticed changes in motivation of the dog?
Does the dog drag its feet or are the nails worn down on one side?

Since not all behavioural changes are cause for concern, the following list of Signs and Symptoms will help you identify what to watch for to protect your dog and ensure a healthy and vigorous life.

Pain when being touched, pet or lifted
Reluctance or difficulty when climbing stairs or jumping
Difficulty when getting up after lying down
Negative changes in attitude or behaviour
Altered sitting (“Puppy Sitting”)
Changes in eating or eliminating
Constantly licking or chewing paws
Lameness or changes in gait
Changes in performance
Lying on one side

Examining  mobility in your dog

The dog should be able to move freely in all directions without tension

Using a treat if necessary, ask the dog to turn its head and neck to the side so that it touches its flank with its nostrils. Less mobility one side compared to the other could indicate a problem in the cervical vertebrae.

Test the lateral movement of the spine by placing one hand on the spine and with the other pull the dog’s tail carefully towards you so that its back bends around your hand.

Is one side stiffer than the other?

Place slight pressure on the back from above. The back should easily and evenly, spring and swing. It should not feel stiff and hard.

Olivia Jones - Kent & Sussex Chiropractic - Canine